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AutoPlaying Embeds

2010-01-08 11:45:25 by BabiesAteMyDingo

I am actually back part-time, if anybody has actually realised I left :p

If you want help with setting up autoplaying embeds, Click the link(s) below:

Page 1: Click here to download
Page 2: Click here to download
Page 3: Click here to download

For an example click here.

/* */
*Please note my guide was written before the new youtube layout. Therefore some stages have changed slightly and my guide will require alteration. In the mean time, the only big change is that you no longer click the blue 'gear' to access the embed features. Please use the youtube's - "embed" button instead.


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2010-04-03 18:18:02

Good to see you'll be back soon.
Of course, you'll only see this when you are back, so welcome back.

BabiesAteMyDingo responds:

Thanks! I've seen it.


2010-09-04 13:16:51

ware is you go?

A lot of things have happened since you've been gone.
Lemonsourkid left, for instance :c